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Schnellenberger is a Spring Chicken


Ok, maybe not in the truest sense.

But with all that has been floating around lately after the Owls' game against MSU in Detroit, thought it would be good to put some perspective on age, ability, and coaching football.

Do Coaches slow down as they progress in age? Absolutely.

Do they still maintain a wealth of game wisdom despite this ? Absolutely.

Does it get transferred as efficiently? No.

Regardless, Howard Schnellenberger still has a ways to go if you consider that:

"Amos Alonzo Stagg (1862-1965) played and coached football for 71 years. He was 98 years old when he retired as a football coach from Stockton Junior College on September 16, 1960. He played at Yale and made the original All-America football team in 1889. Stagg is credited with the use of dummies for tackling practice and introducing at the University of Chicago the end-around play, the shift and the man in motion."

Additionally, Schnellenberger is 76 years old - and eight younger than Joe Paterno, who is the oldest active Coach.

Trivia questions for FAU fans...how old was Coach when the below happened?

All-time fastest win against a 1A opponent for start up program (FAU)?

All-time fastest Bowl bid & win for a start up program (FAU)?

FAU's second Bowl win?

These are all things Florida Atlantic fans should be proud of, and they weren't considering the age of their Coach when they took place.

But let's talk about Schnellenberger's current ability.

Truly Hope that I can stand out in the mid August heat of steamy south Florida for hours on end at age 76 and participate actively in something I enjoy.

Recently, no one said a word when the Owls deflated a 14 point underdog margin to stun UAB during the first contest of 2010.

Some may argue that an up-and-coming young buck could make a quicker difference and take the program to new heights.


But also consider that possibility as a potential train wreck in loyalty.

Do we really want to play coaching hop scotch?

Here's to more accomplishments, Coach. Glad you are still on the sidelines - ours.



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