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2021 Owl's Nest Fundraiser - Be a Part of The Team!

Dear Valued Members and Readers,

The Owls are looking primed to make a run on the gridiron, and we are excited to keep you informed both on and off the field.

It's also the time when we ask others for help in offsetting yearly site operating, and maintenance costs, while also being a financial blessing to the contributors who serve you.

As mentioned previously, in the past this was shouldered by a combination of sponsors and ad revenues. Given changes in the landscape, we wanted to ask that you consider making a recurring, or one time donation.

If you use the site on a regular basis, and find it a valuable resource and experience, please consider being a part of our team.

Recurring (monthly, quarterly, or yearly) Paypal donations provide a fast and easy way to pitch in. You can also make a one time donation as well. You can do either by clicking the image below which will take you to PayPal's secure transaction page:

On behalf of the entire Owl's Nest Team, Thank You for your consideration!