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Coach Lane Kiffin 2018 Season Opener Oklahoma Presser Notes

Florida Atlantic Head Coach Lane Kiffin held his 2018 season opener press conference on Monday, while commenting on Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray, FAU quarterback Chris Robison, and the Owls' wide receiver core.

On the Problems Murray presents

He is a problem. These are the guys you want to play the least. I have always thought they give you the most problems. The guys that when plays don’t happen in rhythm like a lot of plays in football especially college, they have the ability to get out of trouble. You can cover everybody, have our match plays perfect, the guy still takes off and runs for 15 yards. He is very difficult to deal with. Much like over the years playing the guys at Alabama, that have given Alabama problems. The guys that are really good quarterbacks, but on top of that they are unique elite athletes.

On Murray not having a start like the Power 5 teams you have played in the past

That’s the first time you have ever been wrong about something. He started when Baker was suspended I believe. Not having a lot of starts, a lot of time under him used to be more of an advantage than it is. I think that because offenses nowadays, spread offenses aren’t as complicated, with changing protections and all things why people used to have to wait. Younger quarterbacks didn’t play and inexperienced quarterbacks struggled at first. That has kinda changed now when you run systems like they do or we do.

After watching the film from the mock game, what did you see from Chris (Robison)?

He was really comfortable and played really well. Obviously, the situation helped that a little bit because of it was basically like playing against the 3’s. It is kinda what the other team is in our mock games, but still we have had guys struggle over the years even with that. He looks really comfortable. Good command. Had him playing fast. He did some good things.

Anything about the quarterbacks jump out at you from the scrimmage?

No. Same stuff. All three made plays out of rhythm, on the move, and did some good things. You obviously have an idea of what they are going to do on the offensive side and they have a general idea of what you guys are going to do on the offensive side. But, week one especially when there is some question marks and everybody doesn’t have the best film because of personnel changes, how important is there to have some element of surprise in openers? I think what you see people do, similar to a bowl game after a long layoff, but even more because you have even longer and different roster than the previous year, I think that people tend to have a lot of a new sprinkles of things in their openers.

Did the wide receivers make any improvements over this week? Did they come together a little bit better as a
unit in that scrimmage?

I think just coming together. Losing a lot of experience from last year, with all the new quarterbacks they are playing with, just eliminating the little mistakes, formation errors, alignment errors, assignment errors and limit the little mistakes that are very controllable.

Did you see those little things cleaned up yesterday from the wide receivers?

I saw some, but I still saw that there were still some ‘week one issues’ that shouldn’t still be there.