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Coach Lane Kiffin 2019 UTSA Presser Notes

FAU Football is coming off a blowout win over FIU, and their second 2019 bye week. The team will take on the Roadrunners this Saturday in San Antonio, TX. Resuming his action as well, Coach Kiffin held his weekly media teleconference Sunday evening. Below are those highlights from that session.

Opening Remarks

On to the next game. The guys come back from the bye weekend tonight (Sunday). We practice in the morning. These guys (UTSA) have a lot of talent. They have played really good at times. Lowell Narcisse played really good yesterday. We are going to have to go on the road and play really good.
Any comment on the Louisiana Tech suspensions leading up to the Louisiana Tech/Marshall game on Friday?

I wasn't real excited about it. It is what it is. That game (Marshall) haunts us daily and we could have won, we should have won. I'm not going there again. Just unfortunate that that ends up being the difference of the division and potentially having home field as well with the shaking up now. It is what it is.
You have said multiple times that you guys are undefeated in conference play even with the Marshall loss. What specifically do you and the team gain by saying that and putting it out there?

I was just joking. I mean, we said that in a quarterback meeting one day. I was just kind of joking. It is not like we really go around saying that every day. We could have taken care of business in the game, made some more plays and not put it in anyone else's hands. It is what it is.
You have gone on record about wanting to avoid "Rat Poison." Is joking around like that and saying 'we've clinched the East' act as a form of "Rat Poison"?

No, our kids, I don't think even see that and they would know that I'm just messing around. We have a lot of football left to play and we have got to keep improving. Had that game gone that way we would be on an eight-game win streak.
Earlier in the week, multiple players talked about how they got their swagger back at some point during the season. Did you see that? Some of the players mentioned Ball State as the game when that happened

I think a little bit, but I think more maybe when you are down like Western Kentucky like that, 140 on the road that fast and come back and play really well, I think we have been playing well since then. I think their confidence has grown on both sides of the ball.
Obviously, you tweeted it out about Tua's (Tua Tagovailoa) injury. Have you spoken with him?

I have not. I sent a message to his dad, but I have not spoken with Tua, no.
You tweeted out something like you wanted to smash your TV. How heartbreaking was that for you to see for you with your relationship with him?

It was horrible. I mean (a) horrible injury, at the point of when it was in that game. I was actually at the stadium for official visitors. We had a little break, so I was watching it. I was yelling at the TV, 'why is he going back in the game at the beginning of that series?' I was just really upset for him (and) for the family. (If not) that one play he wouldn't still be in the game. Maybe millions of dollars.
Do you do anything differently this week when you are playing inside a domed stadium. It is a weird question, but it is a weird environment I think for the kids, don't you think so?

There is nothing we can really do. We don't have a turf field. The whole conference is turf, except us I think. There really is nothing we can do for that except do a good job in warmups, catching kicks and deeper balls, get used to the lighting.