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Coach Lane Kiffin 2019 Ball State Presser Notes

Following a tough outing against UCF, FAU Football Head Coach Lane Kiffin held his weekly press teleconference Sunday while looking ahead to the Owls' next opponent Ball State. Below are the highlights from that session.

Opening statement

Our plan for this weekend is we have the same schedule as always. We are playing at Ball State and they have a high-tempo offense, have put up a lot of yards this year and very multiple on defense, so we have a lot of work to do.

With all the execution issues on both sides of the ball, is that just a result of the quality of opponents you have faced?

Itís a combination. I mean number one is strength of schedule and that is a part of it. The other part is self-inflicted, so itís a bad combination of not executing very well against really good teams and players.

With the self-inflictions, I know you talked about the lack of discipline Saturday night, so how concerned are you when you have three veteran defensive backs all getting flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct?

I was very concerned. Itís been addressed to them by multiple people, such as myself, the coordinator and position coach. Thatís very disappointing because itís selfish and Iím frustrated. (*In reference to the defensive backs being undisciplined*): ĎI donít like how things are going so Iím going to do something I shouldnít do that makes me feel better.í Thatís the definition of lack of discipline.

Concerning the two strong opponents, how do you rate Chrisí [Robison] performance at quarterback so far?

I thought he was better in game one [against Ohio State] than game two [against UCF]. The [defenses] have put a lot of pressure on him and once that starts happening, you have a tendency to scramble a lot. There were a number of times he had to, but there were also some times when he didnít need to scramble and he did [anyway]. It was a very poor decision on his interception… It was a really bad play. I would give him a middle range, C or C- type of grade.

Sticking with Chris Robison, you used to say that when Jason Driskel got in there, he did a great job at getting you out of bad plays and into good plays. Is some of the issues with the pressure on Chris because you are not getting into the right plays on the line of scrimmage?

Not usually. Usually thatís execution. We played very poor up front, especially at left guard again and at right tackle. That led to disastrous plays of not blocking the person you are supposed to block, which also led to a lot of negative plays.

You have mentioned the 2017 team a lot lately. Other than obviously the 0-2 factor and a lot of the guys were on both teams, are there notable similarities between the two teams?

Yes, they were both 0-2 and started really slow. Thatís about only one so far. There was potential in some running backs, that were young at the point and those two were sophomores. You do see this talent with these running backs [this year] that had some good runs throughout that game.

Speaking about 2017 and running backs, any comment on Motorís [Devin Singletaryís] four carries for 70 yards and five catches for 28 yards Sunday for his first game with the Bills?

They should totally give him the ball more. Itís a good average per carry. They waited until the third quarter to give him the ball, so I would give him the ball some more.

Is there an update on Malcolm Davidson?

Not really, we had no practice [Sunday], so we will find out later today.