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Practice Notes for 08-17-10

The FAU football team held its next to last three-a-day practice today, with the final session coming this Thursday.

"The offense is settling down, and the defense is working hard", said Coach Schnellenberger. "The offense is starting to keep the defense on their side of the line of scrimmage a little better. Obviously Saturday will be a key day for us."

However, if it were up to him, he says he would rather just hold two long sessions than split it into three with the break in between. A few years back, he took the advice of his training staff and broke the session into three parts from that of two longer periods.

"I don't know whether that rest period in between really makes any difference", Schnellenberger said. "We've been doing this now for a couple years and it seems to do alright -  (but) it wouldn't take me very long to go back to the old system."

Schnellenberger started off the morning with the usual sprints, before the team moved into punt return drills.

The defense then worked on pursuit drills with DE Cory Henry and LB Randell Johnson spending some time on the first team.

Byron Hankerson had a few nice catches in the early session, and what better timing, as the American Heritage High School football team was on hand for a visit. Hankerson, who attended American Heritage, talked to the players afterwards.

The second session saw both Ed Alexander and Winfred Strickland step up for the defense with interceptions, while Graham Wilbert was on target for a 25 yard hook-up with hot as of late TE Nexon Dorvilus.

In the late session, Stinson was back to form and full force. Schnellenberger, who was on the opposite side of the field when Stinson laid into a defensive lineman, heard the collision and that was enough to recognize who it was.

"Xavier got his (behind) behind his helmet and it sounded like a shotgun going off", Schnellenberger said. "I ran over there and said ' I head Xavier is back'. His presence is a morale booster."

Wilbert continued to display his accuracy with a long toss to DeAndre Richardson, and a TD toss to TE Alex Fick who confused the secondary.

The snap issue manifested itself again today, although not as often as it has the last few sessions. Only one toss over the head of VanCamp and one fumbled snap was observed.

Quick Hits

"That's our bread and butter play."

- FB David Muniz on his TD out of the flat

"He's going to be a quality receiver, he's getting better each day."

- Schnellenberger on DeAndre Richardson

The Owls return to the field tomorrow at 3:30 p.m.

Photos from today


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