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True Embodiment

It has been a decade from the most memorable season in FAU men's basketball history. Yet the 2010-2011 FAU men’s basketball schedule is one that still lives fresh in the minds of Owls fans, thanks in part to The Burrow being routinely packed as Mike Jarvis’ squad would go on to win the Sun Belt Regular Season Title.

The students turned out in droves, often selling out their ticketed allotment, to watch Greg Gantt and Raymond Taylor light up the scoreboard. Sitting in the front row, middle court, were the Owl Rangers; a student spirit group who led chants to get in opponent’s heads.

Covered in their body paint, the Owl Rangers would help the Owls to a 10-3 home record that year. In comparison to the Duke Blue Devil’s strong home court advantage, the rowdiness of the FAU student section gave The Burrow the name of “Little Camden” within the Sun Belt circles.

Fast forward a decade later, and Owl Ranger member Alberto Leal has traded in his body paint for legal briefs. Utilizing skills learned at FAU, including during his time with the Owl Rangers, and pairing them with his own entrepreneurship spirit, Alberto now owns his own law firm - The Leal Law Firm.

It is a difficult image to conjure: standing and screaming in front of a rambunctious student section, to being counted on to support clients with legal counsel. Yet, those moments were when Alberto understood that one should be proud of who they are; proud to be an Owl.

“Sports programs are truly the first introduction of a school to the average American household. It has always been important to me to have pride in where you come from. FAU gave me so many opportunities to grow personally and intellectually,” Alberto explains. “I tried to understand that during my time as a student. With Owl Rangers, it was all about supporting the university and having an opportunity to socialize in a meaningful way.”

While the Owl Rangers and the 2010-2011 basketball campaign showed Alberto to be proud in himself, his studies reminded him to take pride in his work ethic. Both of these attributes are foundations to Alberto creating his own firm.

“At FAU, I give a lot of credit to the Political Science Honors Program. Authoring my Honors Theses, which won first place college-wide (my senior year), prepared me for the very precise and creative skill of academic and legal writing which is a big part of what I do on a daily basis as an attorney.”

And these skills have allowed Alberto to give back to his beloved alma mater, as a member of the Paradise Club. “It is really all about our student athletes. Knowing that I am able to contribute to their education and experience at FAU… it is important to have pride in where you come from", said Leal.

Moreover, Alberto's generosity extends to non-athlete students. This includes creating a scholarship fund specifically for first-generation students at Palm Beach State College, a community college that often feeds upperclassman to FAU. This is on top of a generous donation to the FAU Owl's Nest for the 2020-21 season, which will go directly to the FAU students and alumni contributing written and social media work to the online publication; thus allowing them to gain practical career building skills while maintaining their path towards graduation and success.

From a dedicated student, to successful counsel, and now valued corporate partner, he embodies the complete philanthropic spirit.

He is founded upon the American ingenuity trinity: Taking pride in who you are, taking pride in your work, and an entrepreneur spirit. Alberto Leal possess all three thanks to his time at FAU. And in spending his undergraduate years as a shirtless super-fan, Alberto has grown to become an unexpendable member of society and the FAU community.

"Enjoy the experience of being a student. Establish a vision for your future, but stay present while getting there," Alberto shares with current students. Yes, even if that means getting a bit rowdy at FAU sporting events.

Alberto primarily offers counsel for family law, auto accidents, and civil matters, and has a penchant for helping the FAU community.

His firm has a perfect 5.0 star rating on Avvo, which is renowned for validated and accurate consumer feedback from actual litigants who have contracted legal services.

You can learn more about Alberto Leal, J.D. at The Leal Law Firm or speak to him in person by calling (561) 237-2740. Please also feel free to follow his firm Here on Twitter.