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A New Beginning

The Owl’s Nest Approaches 10 Year Anniversary with Platform and Content Upgrades

It all began back in 2003 when FAU Sports Information Director Katrina McCormack put out a need to one Kamp Rogers, a parent of a Florida Atlantic Football Team member.

The challenge: Develop an original and official meeting place for Florida Atlantic Alumni, Family, Fans, and Students to congregate, discuss, follow, and support the University and its Athletic Programs.

Relying on a bulletin board platform which was hosted by Yahoo! at the time, Kamp created The Owl’s Nest – a premier location that focused on giving non-media onlookers a place to voice their hearts, feelings, and thoughts while keeping up to date with current happenings.

He continued to steer the ship until his passing in September, 2006. But the forum he created lived on behind his Spirit, which was contagious.

Today, almost 10 years since its inception, the site continues to grow, and thrive thanks to a strong membership base built on friendship, support and common affection for the University at large.

There have been many milestones over the past few years, with upgrades in both content and logistics, but today we celebrate another with the addition of a new member of the FAU Community – long time Sun Sentinel beat writer Ted Hutton – and platform upgrades to include this main page for high level news and forthcoming specials.

This would not have been possible without some key member’s generosity, who we would like to recognize:


Additionally, we are appreciative for the continued loyalty and participation of members and guests such as you.

Welcome to the new platform!

  • The Owl’s Nest Team


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