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And now the fun begins -- FAU at Georgia

Not that there was ever, ever, ever a chance the Owls could slip into Athens and come out with a W...

But just in case there was a sliver of a that happening, it evaporated last Saturday when the Warhawks of Monroe, Louisiana took down Arkansas.

You can bet Georgia Bulldog players have been hearing about that all week, as in, "Do you want to be as stupid as the Razorbacks and look past a Sun Belt opponent? Do you!? Well, go ahead, and think of what kind of week it has been for those Arkansas players who have had to own that embarrassing loss of a lifetime..."


Or something along those lines. Probably shorter and with more colorful language.

FAU begins the SEC part of its schedule Saturday at Georgia, then ends it the following week at Alabama.

Would it be a moral victory if FAU keeps the total margin of victory under triple digits? Based on the first two games, the answer, sadly, is YES.

FAU can't score and the D wears down since they are on the field so long.

Hopefully Mark Richt takes pity on his hometown team and calls off the dogs early.

For FAU, the loss is actually a kind of win-win. A million bucks and some national exposure.

For FAU fans, it is just more of the same. A money-game beatdown.

Georgia 45, FAU 3




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