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Is a win like Friday's really a win?

OK, trot out the cliche: A Win is a Win.

Especially for a team that went 1-11 last season.

Owl Country should be happy, right?

Well, residents of Owl Country also have a right to be concerned after it took a fourth quarter TD to beat I-AA Wagner 7-3 Friday night.


Love the D. The Owl's putrid first-half of offense kept the D on the field a lot, and in bad situations, but the D rose up when it had to, and held Wagner to one field goal.

Give Graham Wilbert some props. The dude was coming off a miserable season, and likely would have been No. 3 on the  depth chart Friday if MG3 had been suited up.

But after Stephen Curtis melted down in the first half, Wilbert got the O moving in the second, and then found Byron Hankerson for the game-winnning 37-yard TD, the first big play FAU has had since, well, forever. 

Student showing. on a night when most of the general admission seats were empty, the student section had a decent crowd and was loud, providing some life to the stadium.


OK, where to start....

Special teams -- WTF was Travis Jones thinking on those botched  returns? Yikes. And a missed 39-yard field goal.

Protecting the ball -- The score actually could have looked respectable if FAU had not fumbled four times, including twice in the red zone. That can't happen. Just can't happen.

The offense -- With  half the scholarship players that FAU had, Wagner was bound to wear down in the second half, and they did. Yes, the Owls ended up with 327 yards of total O, but, again, this was against a I-AA team that was 4-7 last season. We'll assume Wilbert will start against MTSU, and then we'll find out if what happened in the second half was a fluke or not.

I'll stop there.

A win is a win, right?

Now things get tougher, as the only game FAU will likely be favored in is in the books. Now comes the gauntlet....



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