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The antidote for FAU fans: Alfred Morris

Owl Country was in a funk Sunday, waking with the realization that the 7-3 win over Wagner in game 1 could be the highlight of the 2012 season. 

But those who might have tuned in the Washington at New Orleans NFL game out of curiosity found the antidote for their misery.

Former FAU running back Alfred Morris started for Washington, and while he was overshadowed by the other rookie starter, some QB with a III at the end of his name, Morris had a nice day. 98 yards, two TD.

Morris proved he could plow through NFL defenses the way he plowed through UAB, ULL and ULM defenses, among others.


Morris at FAU Senior Day in December.

Morris gained 98 yards against the Saints 364 days after he was held to 21 yards on 10 carries in a 44-0 loss to Michigan State on Sept. 10, 2011.

But let's put those stats into perspective. As much as I hate making FAU fans relive even small portions of 2011, that was the game where FAU had 1 first down and 48 total yards. IN THE ENTIRE GAME.  Not a misprint. 48 total yards (to 434 for Michigan State) and one (1) first down in 60 minutes.

Don't know about you, but I will be following Washington this season. Beats getting emotionally involved in another train-wreck season for the Owls.

Thanks, Alfred. Keep it up, please.





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