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Owl Gang! Coach John Jakus Introduces Coaching Staff

In the realm of collegiate basketball, transitions often bring anticipation and excitement, signaling the dawn of a new era for both players and fans alike. As the sun sets on one chapter, it rises on another, illuminating fresh perspectives and untapped potential. Such is the case as new Florida Atlantic men's basketball head coach John Jakus introduces his esteemed coaching staff, poised to lead the Owls to new heights on the court.

With the appointment of Coach Jakus, FAU ushers in a new era of basketball excellence, marked by a steadfast commitment to player development, strategic innovation, and unwavering determination. Bringing with him a wealth of experience and a visionary approach to the game, Coach Jakus embarks on this journey with a clear vision and a steadfast resolve to propel the Owls to success.

Accompanying Coach Jakus on this transformative journey is his handpicked coaching staff, a cadre of seasoned professionals whose expertise and passion for the game are matched only by their dedication to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of excellence. Together, they stand ready to ignite the flames of ambition within FAU's basketball program, instilling in their players the belief that greatness is not merely a destination but a journey of relentless pursuit.

Without further ado, here is a portion of the incoming coaching staff put together by the first-year head coach:

Jordan Fee - Assistant Coach  

Jordan Fee (pictured bottom left) brings a wealth of experience and success to the FAU men's basketball program as part of John Jakus' coaching staff. Previously serving as Associate Head Coach for the NCAA Division II champion Nova Southeastern University team, Fee played a pivotal role in their rise to national prominence. Under his guidance, the team achieved an impressive 36-0 record in 2022-23.

Fee's tenure as head coach at Gannon saw remarkable achievements, including a school-record 32 wins, clinching multiple championships, and leading the team to the NCAA Division II Elite Eight. His coaching style, emphasizing a relentless, up-tempo approach, has yielded outstanding results, with Nova Southeastern topping Division II in scoring average and margin.

"He has had the chance to play and coach with the best offensive system in all of college basketball over the last decade," said Jakus. "And through that system he led Gannon to the best turnaround in Division II history going from three to 32 wins in one year. He has been a friend of mine for over 15 years and the fact that he would give up being a head coach to come serve these players at FAU is truly amazing."

Fee's recruiting prowess has also been evident, attracting top talent like RJ Sunahara and Sekou Sylla, who have earned prestigious player awards. With his track record of success and ability to develop winning teams, Fee's background is a significant asset to the FAU men's basketball program, poised to elevate its performance and stature in the collegiate basketball landscape.

"The recent success of FAU Basketball has been remarkable," said Fee. "We're looking forward to continuing to build upon that success while playing a fun and exciting brand of basketball. My wife Jaclyn and I cannot wait to get down to Boca. Go Owls!"

Todd Abernethy - Assistant Coach

Todd Abernethy (pictured bottom right) boasts plenty of coaching experience with the FAU men's basketball program, remaining on John Jakus' staff after serving under former head coach Dusty May. Abernethy's coaching journey includes stints as head coach at Trinity International University and assistant coach at Ole Miss, where he contributed to player development and recruitment.

"Over the past five years, Todd has been an instrumental part to the development of the FAU players and program into a Final Four team", said Jakus. "When meeting with the team, it was clear how much Todd meant to all of them, making this hire as much about the guys as anything else."

Under Abernethy's guidance during the 2022-23 season, FAU achieved historic success, reaching the NCAA Tournament's Final Four with a program-record 35 wins. His coaching acumen was instrumental in the team's achievements, including winning both the Conference USA Tournament and Regular Season Championship for the first time in program history. Abernethy's coaching staff also fostered individual player success, with Johnell Davis earning C-USA Sixth Player of the Year honors and Alijah Martin receiving All-C-USA First Team recognition.

Abernethy's track record extends beyond FAU, where he previously led Trinity International University to a competitive season and aided in developing First-Team All-SEC players during his tenure at Ole Miss. With experience in player development, recruitment, and contributing to team success at various levels, Abernethy's background is poised to continue benefiting the FAU men's basketball program under Jakus' leadership, ensuring continued growth and success.

"I am really thankful for the opportunity to stay at Florida Atlantic with Coach Jakus and his staff and continue to build upon the success we have had here at FAU", Abernethy said. "The Boca and FAU community have meant so much to my family and we are excited to stay in Paradise. Go Owls!"

Isaiah Austin - Assistant Coach

Isaiah Austin's (pictured top right) basketball journey is marked by resilience and determination, making him a valuable addition to the FAU men's basketball program under John Jakus' leadership. Despite a diagnosis of Marfan syndrome, Austin's collegiate career at Baylor University showcased his talent and leadership, earning All-Big 12 honors and leading the Bears to postseason success.

His experience navigating challenges and overcoming adversity brings a unique perspective to coaching, inspiring players to persevere and excel on and off the court.

"It was an honor for me to be with him as a player when I was on staff at Baylor," said Jakus. "He was every bit a lottery pick, but for health reasons, it didn't work out. Through that process, he became more than a player for me. One of the most important people in my career. He spent the last few years working with Adam Silver and the NBA. It is a complete honor for him to join our staff. Very few men would do a better job taking care of 18-22-year-old players throughout their college career."

Additionally, Austin's professional experience, both domestically and overseas, coupled with his role in the NBA's Player Development department, provides invaluable insights into player growth and performance enhancement strategies, enhancing FAU's coaching staff's effectiveness in nurturing talent and fostering success.

"I get to move my family to Paradise and coach with some amazing men, all while having a positive impact on their lives," said Austin. "It doesn't get much better than that!"

Aditya Malhotra - Assistant Coach

Aditya Malhotra's extensive experience in basketball operations, highlighted by his tenure with the NBA's Phoenix Suns and nine years with Baylor University's basketball program, positions him as a valuable asset to the FAU men's basketball program under John Jakus' guidance.

His role with the Suns, overseeing amateur scouting and basketball quality control, demonstrates his proficiency in talent evaluation and strategic planning, crucial aspects for program development. Malhotra's multifaceted responsibilities, including managing scouting processes and collaborating with coaching staff, equip him with insights into optimizing player performance and team strategies.

"In the last two years, he has done a great job for the Phoenix Suns, and I know that it was his dream to reach the NBA," said Jakus. "The fact that he is giving up that dream to come back to college basketball for our players and staff is a complete honor for our program."

His contributions to Baylor's success, including a National Championship and consistent postseason appearances, underscore his ability to facilitate a winning culture and drive excellence within a program. With a track record of success and a comprehensive understanding of both collegiate and professional basketball landscapes, Malhotra's background enriches FAU's coaching staff, poised to elevate the team's performance and competitiveness in collegiate basketball.

"From serving as graduate assistants together to winning a national championship, Coach Jakus has always been someone I have wanted to help build a program with," said Malhotra. "I look forward to my wife Megan and my children Miloh and Aden becoming part of the FAU family and joining a program that values excellence and innovation on and off the court."

Demond Parker - Director of Player development

Demond Parker's (pictured top left) recent roles with Furman and Baylor basketball programs highlight his potential as a valuable addition to FAU's coaching staff under John Jakus. His experience as director of player development at Furman, combined with a two-year tenure as a graduate assistant at Baylor, demonstrates his ability to contribute to player growth and team success.

At Baylor, Parker played a key role in the team's impressive record and conference title victories, showcasing his understanding of high-level collegiate basketball dynamics. Moreover, his background as a former standout player at Cedarville University and Wilberforce University underscores his familiarity with the demands of collegiate athletics and his capacity to connect with student-athletes.

"He is one of the smartest young minds I have been around and his greatest gift might be his ability to help players get better," said Jakus. "During his time as a player development GA at Baylor, he helped guys like Jeremy Sochan and Keyonte George reach their dream of the NBA. More importantly to me, it is the way he takes care of the players, coaches them, and loves them through the process. He is one of the best coaches in the country and Florida Atlantic is blessed to have him."

With a track record of fostering player development and championship success, Parker's presence on FAU's coaching staff is poised to enhance the team's performance and cultivate a culture of excellence both on and off the court.

"I am truly honored to be joining the Florida Atlantic family alongside my mentor and friend, Coach John Jakus," Parker said. "I am beyond ecstatic to continue the success of this new program and to push it to new heights. I cannot wait to immerse myself in the Boca and FAU community. Go Owls!"

Obim Okeke - Special Assistant to the Head Coach

Obim Okeke's transition from collegiate athlete to roles with the NBA's Indiana Pacers and Oklahoma City Thunder from 2021 to 2023 underscores his value as a member of John Jakus' coaching staff at FAU. His experience in player development and video analysis within the professional basketball realm brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the program.

Okeke's versatility, demonstrated by his transition from Baylor football to basketball during his collegiate career, showcases his adaptability and dedication to athletic pursuits. Despite limited playing time on the court, his contributions as a backup point guard reflect his commitment to team success and his ability to step up when needed.

"He took on a meaningful role in my career and life because of who he is as a person and the leadership role he took on with those teams," said Jakus. "After spending the last few years in the NBA, he was our first choice in helping us run our film and analytics department. His understanding of not only how to love people, but also how to serve the team makes him a great fit at Florida Atlantic."

Okeke's academic achievements, including two-time Big 12 Commissionerís Honor Roll selection, further illustrate his disciplined approach to both sports and academics, making him a valuable asset to FAU's basketball program.

"I am excited to continue and build on the success of this program and to push it to new heights," said Okeke. "Can't wait to win in Paradise! Go Owls!"

Accompanied by a cadre of seasoned professionals, Coach Jakus and his handpicked coaching staff stand ready to ignite ambition within FAU's basketball program, guiding players towards a relentless pursuit of greatness.

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