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Harmon in "Loaded" Form for Senior Season

Tight end Jason Harmon looking to have a bang-up showing along side fellow senior Rusty Smith in 2009

In his last two seasons of action, tight end Jason Harmon, a 6-3, 215 pound native of Tampa, had 89 receptions for 1,086 yards and seven touchdowns. Many may recall Harmon's 2007 performance; one which included watching him dramatically hurdle over tacklers while gaining extra yards in the process. Now, FAU fans will have a chance to see him do it again.

Harmon was injured on the first play in the Owl's Spring Game in 2008, tearing his meniscus. It was a silent moment. As a result, he was forced to redshirt for the season.  Since then, he is happy to have seen the team's scrimmages moved to the Oxley Fields.

“A lot of people are grateful that they moved the spring game to our regular practice field. Because, on the turf field, you may run faster on it, but there are a lot of injuries on it because cleats get stuck", said Harmon.

Outgoing President Frank T. Brogan recently had this to offer about Harmon absence last season:

“Yes, Jason Harmon was a great illustration of somebody who went down in spring who was out all season. But coaches will tell you that even Jason Harmon is going to come back a better man. He has had a marvelous spring (this year), he's looked loaded and ready for this year", said Brogan.

Although he did have the opportunity to travel to the Motor City Bowl in Detroit on Dec 26, 2008, Harmon decided it was in his best interest not to participate.

"It was rough last year (while redshirting) and I felt helpless at all of the games watching them knowing I can't do anything about it. I didn't do much with the team until the day of the game. I wasn't going to ruin my year of eligibility but I went as an equipment manager. I wanted to so bad though.”

But, after spending hours in the training room during his rehabilitation, Harmon is now back in full force. Today, the Public Management Major says that he's looking forward to his final season with the Owls; as he and his quarterback Rusty Smith look to have excellent final campaigns.

"Hopefully, this is our big blowout year for Rusty and I. We have a lot of seniors on this team as far as offensive starters. Hopefully this is the year we go undefeated. I'm just trying to get my timing back with Rusty and make sure everything is all right with that. I tried to work all the kinks out since I missed a year. I think I'm 100% healed and my knee is stronger than it ever was", Harmon said.

Coach Howard Schnellenberger is also pleased to have Harmon back.

“He's an experienced player and he'll be ready for the opening game,” Schnellenberger said. “I expect him to be back to the level that he was. The difference is now is he has two teammates that are right in the same category with him. Each of them do something better than the other. If you add up their different skills and divide by three, they're about equal", said Schnellenberger.

Harmon is gearing up for the Owl's season opener on September 5th when they travel to Lincoln, Nebraska and face the Cornhuskers. The passionate Big Red fans will be very visible and rowdy at Memorial Stadium.  But a "Harmon Hop" could surely quiet them down in a hurry.