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Campus Photo Update (9/12/14)

Greetings everyone!

Been running around on my downtime taking some pictures for those of you who are interested in such things and can't make it to campus.

Let's start at the south end of the Breezeway. You might have seen a similar picture on Twitter but essentially they've added two red awnings above the west entrances to the Breezeway cafeteria. Blue and red are our colors yet they just went with red for some reason - perhaps because the color red is said to make you hungry. Or maybe just because it "pops", as they say on HGTV all the time.

And they want you to be hungry because inside they've opened a…

…hot dog shop from North Carolina, which replaced the mediocre Salsaritas tex-mex concept that was previously there. The menu includes a special FAU dog:

Although I didn't get the FAU special, the overall result is this:

Granted, I didn't go with any crazy toppings. The skin was crispy and overly charred so maybe that's their style but it didn't do much for me. The fries were okay. Your mileage may vary.  They certainly seem to like it in Charlotte.

Also, as previously mentioned, Einstein's has taken over the space formerly occupied by Quiznos there in the Breezeway Cafe, though I didn't think it warranted a picture. Einstein's gave up its spot near the library because a Chick-fil-A is coming to campus! In fact, from the buzz I thought it was further along than it actually is in the construction process. Here's where they were at when I was there:

Regarding the Breezeway Renovation, President Kelly recently remarked that it was coming along and they hoped to have something to show soon. Another series of open meetings are expected to take place to get feedback on the designs.

Moving down to the end of the Breezeway, SGA hung this great banner:

The Rec Center add-on is finally complete as well. It's the one room studio expansion there in the middle:

Those are students using the punching bags there but if memory serves the studio is intended for multiple purposes including  yoga, martial arts and other classes.

Moving over to the Student Union, the Burrow Bar & Grill also got a new awning that gives the entrance some nice character.

Moving off-campus, a friend tipped me off to the fact that FAU has opened a medical clinic at Bethesda Hospital East in Boynton Beach (the one on Seacrest). As you may know, FAU's new internal medicine residency program kicked off this year and Bethesda is one of the main sites for the training. Although the residents are interspersed throughout the hospital in various departments, the FAU Medicine Clinic is a primary care clinic that focuses on internal medicine and, I would think, should have residents in there at some point in the future.

But honestly, it's just pretty damn cool to see a sign that says FAU MEDICINE. one of the things that UM has done (and FIU is trying as well) is to establish a brand of healthcare to inspire you to seek out "UM doctors" when you get sick. This is the first step in the process of doing that and creating a demand for "FAU doctors" over others. That's why this is important.

Right outside the ER entrance on the north side:


That's it for now. Don't forget to get out to the unveiling of Schnellenberger Field tomorrow!