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Lots to Do at FAU

Year after year, tour group after tour group, incoming freshmen are advised to "get involved" on campus and join a club. To those who were part of clubs in high school, this is an easy sell. But others may be skeptical, at least until they've been here awhile and start looking for something more to do with their free time.

As you may know, FAU has 303 total student organizations, the majority of which are at the Boca Raton campus. There are religious groups - including a ton of Christian organizations - and ethnic groups, club sports, academic interest groups (math, biology, accounting, social work, etc) as well as "get into professional school" academic groups for Pre-Med, Pre-Dental, Pre-Vet, Pre-Law, Pre-Physician's Assistant students. Plenty of stuff to do.

You've probably heard of the usual ones: the Greeks, Student Government, Hillel, Sailing and Water polo, Coastlines, Konbit Kreyol, etc. But here are some student organizations that you might not have heard of, with a description of their charter provided by the CollegiateLink website:

                                                                         *     *     *     *     *

Alternative Religions Club
Our club seeks to embrace any and all religions that don't already have a home at FAU. 
- A club was pitched for agnostics and atheists of FAU during my time there and it was thought that this "wouldn't go over well" on future resumes, and in fact might even incite violence from the Christian organizations on campus. So it's interesting to see this.
Apple Users of FAU (AUOFAU) 
The purpose of this organization is to provide a friendly environment where students can learn more about their Apple products to help further enhance their productivity within the classroom and beyond. 

The Archers  at FAU
(paraphrased) Archery!
- I'm a fan of archery and asked Campus Rec if they would consider an archery range in the design for the Rec Center. Maybe that will be a more serious consideration one day, but at the time they were looking to include things that would "maximize use of the space" and archery is considered a niche thing, like racquetball ("Nobody really plays that on college campuses anymore")

Bass Fishing Club
Our purpose is to compete in Bass fishing tournaments and spread knowledge about Florida's Bass fishery.
- This makes a lot of sense and it's interesting that this club didn't come up sooner. So now you know that FAU has a competitive fishing team to its credit. Speaking of competitive teams...

College Gaming League (CGL)
College Gaming League provides a friendly atmosphere for the student body of Florida Atlantic University to relax and enjoy video games together as well as allow FAU to participate in state-wide competitive gaming.
- All that time spent playing Smash Brothers and Halo could actually win you some big, big money. Competitive Gaming, or eSports, is actually becoming a pretty big deal now and enabling people to make careers out of playing video games. Major League Gaming is the wave of the future.

DezigNation (DN)
FAU's Premier Modeling Troupe aiming to prove that "There is A Nation Behind Dezign". We do fashion shows, photoshoots, fashion coordinating, and so on.
- see also Material World: The purpose of this organization is to allow students interested in the field of fashion to come together to discuss and create fashion.
- Not one but two fashion clubs on campus.

Dumbledore's Army
Dumbledore's Army is a fun and active team who practice and compete in foil fencing. Started in Fall of 2010, the club has been to several tournaments and will continue to represent FAU in tournaments across the state.
 - see also Fencers Anonymous. TWO fencing clubs on campus!

Fellowship of the Ring
A club dedicated to an appreciation of the works by author J.R.R. Tolkien, including (and especially) The Lord of the Rings trilogy, as well as his many other works set in the fantastic world of Middle-Earth.
- one club to rule them all.

FAU feminists.

The Gems
The purpose of The Gems is to provide an environment for students who have similar interests in jewelry making.
- I think this underscores the idea that there are always people out there that share (or are willing to share) your hobby.

Japanese Animation and Multimedia Society (JAMS)
A place to discuss Japanese culture, view Japanese anime and films, and play games from Japan.
- This club has actually been around for awhile. The interest in Japanese culture by Americans, moreso than other cultures, is kind of interesting.

Parkour and Freerunning Club at FAU (PFC)
The purpose of this club is to provide a safe enviroment to learn and practice Parkour and Freerunning.
- Especially popular at the Spaceship building. Check out a video of parkour here.

Quidditch Associaton
Muggle Quidditch is a coed sport made for people of all athletic abilities.
The Harry Potter sport is played at colleges all over the nation. No, seriously.

Rats' Mouth Review
Florida Atlantic University's New Graduate Literary Journal
- Ah, this is a new one. This must be the "grown up" version of Coastlines?

SISTUHS, Incorporated 
The purpose of this organization shall be to improve the social disposition of underrepresented populations through community service, education, and other social services in our respective communities.- This is the group that contributed the totems to the Tortuga Trail. 

The Yarnatics
A great place to gather with fellow yarn crafters to create projects, share ideas, and learn new techniques.

*     *     *     *     *
Needless to say, there are lots of different interests to explore here at FAU... even if you aren't into awesome things like FAU sports!



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