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SGA: study building, skate park and immortalizing the Gonq

Student Government Association (SGA) acts in many capacities on behalf of the FAU student body. Not only do they create initiatives like textbook loans and standing against unpopular mandates from FAU admins but they also fund (via almost $10M of Activities and Services fees) the Program Board, University Press, student clubs and contribute to projects like the Rec Center, the stadium and various campus enhancement projects like benches, fountains and statues. Their total budget is fairly significant and although a lot of the money is earmarked from the get-go, there's always some room for so-called "pet projects" that could enhance student life at FAU.


The university has increased enrollment and closed down two campuses, effectively increasing the concentration of students on the Boca Raton campus. Personally, I'm all for this, but it does come with some obvious downsides (less parking available, harder to get into classes) and less obvious downsides (fewer places to study).

In response to the latter, SGA has passed resolution BRHR-12-07 "New Study Building for the Boca Raton campus" encouraging the FAU Board of Trustees to construct a new dedicated study building for "current and prospective students to study and do their homework." The document claims that the only two buildings for this, the library and the all-night study center, get so full that students are sitting on the floor and obstructing the library workers from doing their work.

I support this measure, and I think the new Student Union (more on that in the future) would be a great place for a 24-hour, multi-story study facility. An ideal study facility would have thick walls, plenty of study rooms (with white boards) that could hold up to 6 people, two AV meeting rooms where you can hook up a laptop to a projector, single study cubbies, "social" study space with tables and whiteboards with comfy chairs, computers and printer lab, and most importantly a "study break" area with vending machines (coffee, soda, Red bull, snacks, microwave dinners), with multi-person chairs to sink into or even lay down on.


Recently a bill was presented to SGA regarding the possibility of building a skate park on campus. It really wasn't asking for much, with the authors of the bill saying they did the research and they could get something going for about $20,000. Now, that sounds like a lot of money to you and me but in SGA money, it's actually not that much as they often approve individual club or student service requests for several thousand dollars, and something like this is so much more significant because it's a one-time investment that can entertain students for the next 10-20 years.

The University of North Florida has one and their students love it.

Unfortunately, the bill was tabled, which is really unfortunate since: A) there are a ton of students on campus who skate, B) students need more options for entertaining themselves, and C) SGA recently ended a legislative session with a $30,000 surplus that they needed to spend on something.

Let's hope they revisit this idea again soon. Alternatively, Campus Recreation could make this happen with their own funding request. More on Campus Rec projects in the near future.


Before there was Heritage Park Towers, Glade Park Towers and the Innovation Village apartments, FAU used to build smaller dorms. Originally the housing quad was home to seven residence halls named after (what else? This is Florida) the Native American tribes Timucua, Seminole, Naskapi, Algonquin, Modoc, Sekoni and Mohave.

Two of those you probably knew: Glades Park Towers was built on the former site of Timucua and its name lives on in the Timucua Pageant tradition as part of Owl Prowl (Homecoming). Algonquin - aka the Gonq or C-block - is the sole remaining dorm from the first decade of FAU's life. There are rumors that FAU wants to demolish both the current Housing office building and Algonquin to make way for a newer, taller dormitory there, mirroring the height of GPT/HPT/IRT.

Some don't feel that's in our best interest. on August 6th, 2012, SGA passed resolution BRHR-12-05 entitled "Preserving a Landmark" that opposes any and all plans to demolish the Gonq. It's a great gesture for one of the most sought-after dorms on campus. Hopefully it makes an impression on Housing and the BOT.



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