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Fearless Prediction - ASU vs FAU

My predictions have been BAD as of late just like the play of the FAU defense. Yet, we have four more to go so I thought about it, did some research, and it is now time for this week's prediction.

My confidence in FAU is low. Not so much on the offensive side of the ball, but the defense. They have given me little reason to believe that they can hold ASU to fewer than 40 points. Despite this trepidation I have to take FAU since ASU has been anything but spectacular on offense in their last 4 outings with 3 games in which they scored 18 or fewer points and the lone 'big' offensive output coming in a 27-10 win against FIU. Can FAU fair better than the yellow kitties from down the road? I sure hope so. Fortunately for FAU the ASU rushing attack is virtually non-existent (aside from the 276 they put up against FIU...again, that was FIU). Other than the FIU game they have been as pathetic running the ball as FAU has been stopping the run. We could see a case of the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object in Saturday's game. Okay, maybe not quite as exciting as that. More like watching two dyslexic kids at a spelling bee. In any case, here is how I see it.

JVC comes to play and throws for 2 tds, but the star is Bam-Bam Morris. He goes for BIG yardage and keeps FAU in this game. The FAU run defense will actually look good. Not by any of their own doing, but because ASU has only averaged 2.42 yards per carry against 1-A opponents excluding FIU. So, FAU should be able to hold ASU to 5.0 yards per carry (far better than what FAU has done against opponents throughout much of the season). The ineptitude of the ASU offense spells victory for FAU.


FAU 37 ASU 31



- OwlFan1